JNTU Kakinada Results 2022 (JNTUK Results)

JNTUK Results 2022: This page gives you the results of all the colleges affiliated with JNTU Kakinada. JNTUK has released the Semester results of B.Tech, B.Pharm, M.Tech, M.Pharm, Pharm.D, and MCA courses.

We have updated all the latest results on this page. 


If you are trying to gather information about spot valuation, expected dates for future exams, the status of evaluation, as well as results of M.CA., M.Tech, and other streams. You will get all the details that you are searching for. 

JNTU Kakinada Results 2022 (JNTUK Results)

There are many candidates who are searching for the JNTUK Results. If you are one of them, then you can visit here and check the old as well as recently released results.

Moreover, here on the site, you can get all the information about the release dates and updates for the spot valuation.

Date of Result Examination
19th Oct 2022B.Tech 4th Year 2nd Semester (R16) Adv. Supple Results (Sept 2022)
19th Oct 2022B.Tech 4th Year 2nd Semester (R10, R13) Adv. Supple Results (Sept 2022)
30th Sept 2022B.Pharm 2nd Year 1st sem (R16, R13) Supple Results (July 2022)
30th Sept 2022B.Pharm 2nd Year 1st sem (PCI) Supple Results (July 2022)
30th Sept 2022B.Pharm 3rd Year 1st sem (R16, R13) Supple Results (July 2022)
30th Sept 2022B.Pharm 3rd Year 1st sem (PCI) Supple Results (July 2022)
11th Oct 2021B.Tech 3rd Year 2nd Semester (R16) Regular/ Supple Results (Aug 2021)
11th Oct 2021B.Tech 3rd Year 2nd Semester (R13/R10) Supple Results (August 2021)
27th August 2021B.Tech 4th Year 2nd Semester (R16) Regular/ Supple Results (July 2021)
23rd January 2020 B. Tech. 3rd Year 2nd Semester (3-2) (R13 R10) Supple Results (Nov. 2019)
23rd January 2020 B. Tech. 3rd Year 2nd Semester (3-2) (R16) Supple Results (Nov. 2019)
10th January 2020 B. Tech. 3rd Year 1st Semester (3-1) (R13 R10) Supple Results (Nov. 2019)
10th January 2020 B. Tech. 3rd Year 1st Semester (3-1) (R16) Regular/Supple Results (Nov. 2019)
2nd January 2020 B. Tech. 2nd Year 1st Semester (2-1) (R13 R10) Supple Results (Nov. 2019)
2nd January 2020 B. Tech. 2nd Year 1st Semester (2-1) (R16) Regular/Supple Results (Nov. 2019)
18th December 2019 B. Pharmacy 4th Year 1st Semester (4-1) (R16 R13 R10) Regular/Supple Results (Nov. 2019)
3rd December 2019 B. Tech. 4th Year 1st Semester (4-1) (R13 R10) Supple Results (Nov. 2019)
3rd December 2019 B. Tech. 4th Year 1st Semester (4-1) (R16) Regular Results (Nov. 2019)
16th November 2019 Pre-PhD Results (September 2019)
4th November 2019 M. Pharmacy 2nd Semester (R16 R13) Supple Results (July 2019)

JNTUK B.Tech. 2-2, 3-2, 4-2 Results 2022

JNTUK B.Tech Results 2022: JNTU Kakinada has announced the results of B.Tech 2-2, 3-2, 4-2 Regular and Supplementary Examinations on the official portal.

Candidates who have appeared for the above-said examinations for the academic year 2022-2023 can get their results downloaded now.

List of Results Released by JNTUK under Engineering Stream:

  • JNTUK B.Tech. 1st Year 1st Semester Results
  • JNTUK B.Tech. 1st Year 2nd Semester Results
  • JNTUK B.Tech. 2nd Year 1st Semester Results
  • JNTUK B.Tech. 2nd Year 2nd Semester Results
  • JNTUK B.Tech. 3rd Year 1st Semester Results
  • JNTUK B.Tech. 3rd Year 2nd Semester Results
  • JNTUK B.Tech. 4th Year 1st Semester Results
  • JNTUK B.Tech. 4th Year 2nd Semester Results

JNTUK B.Pharmacy 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2 Results 2022

JNTUK B.Pharmacy Results 2022: JNTUK has released the results of B.Pharmacy 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2 Regular/Supplementary Exams. The results are readily available on its official website and also on this page. Pharmacy students who have appeared for the above-said exams can get their results here.

List of Results Released by JNTUK under Pharmacy Stream:

  • JNTUK Pharmacy 1st Year 1st Semester Results
  • JNTUK Pharmacy 1st Year 2nd Semester Results
  • JNTUK Pharmacy 2nd Year 1st Semester Results
  • JNTUK Pharmacy 2nd Year 2nd Semester Results
  • JNTUK Pharmacy 3rd Year 1st Semester Results
  • JNTUK Pharmacy 3rd Year 2nd Semester Results
  • JNTUK Pharmacy 4th Year 1st Semester Results
  • JNTUK Pharmacy 4th Year 2nd Semester Results

How to Download JNTUK Results 2022?

If you are confused about downloading the result, you can easily get it by following the below steps

Step 1: Visit the Results portal of JNTU Kakinada (CLICK HERE)

Step 2: There you will find the list of all the latest results as shown in the below figure


Step 3: Click on the link to your examination

Step 4: You will be taken to the new page, enter your “Roll Number


Step 5: Click on the “Search” button

Step 6: Your result will be displayed on the screen, Download it.

Why is JNTUK in demand among students?

It is seen that each year, nearly lakh of students are undertaking various courses under JNTU Kakinada. JNTUK or Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada is well-known for its missions and aims.

It ensures to provide the students with learning advancement, and they have got the intense knowledge that all help them in future life.

The university is one of the best universities in India, and its primary purpose is to grant knowledge. These things include the fields of Social Sciences, Engineering, Research, games, Experimentation, and Technology as well.

All these things come to you for the highest quality. Not only that, the university tries to provide practical and training sessions in a perfect manner. All these are done to expose the students to the expectations that the job wants from students. 

If you take a look at the old students of the university, then they all are now in the right positions in their life.

When you ask them about it, you can know how the experience at university helps you in it. The patterns and the curriculum that the university has for the students to ensure that they bring out the best in the students. 

The Objective of the University

Every university has got some objective, and so does the JNTUK too. The main aim of the university is to get to move towards autonomy for the students.

The student who is all here is said to be for the esteemed university, and it has got some peculiar principles as well for inclusion as well as for the expansion of things.

Apart from these things, you can see that the students of the university have got some best knowledge and skills and it kept on getting better with time. 

Know about Spot Valuation and its Status

Here in college, all the students are asked to prepare for the best. With that all things, a student is seen to come out with flying colors in the end. All the on-campus, as well as off-campus jobs, are needed to be ready for scoring good marks as well as percentages by the pass-outs. 

You can see that these academic marks are the ones that come into one head, and it is like the job seeker in life. If you have got the academic marks in a profound way, then it comes with a lot of rejections and failing job interviews. 

JNTUK ensures that all the students must be in the prolific team. The college also provides that they must be the best in society. When the university declares the results, they ensure that no discrepancies happen with it. But still, if you feel like you got fewer marks than your expected, then you can go for the reviews in the results too. 

For reviewing a result, you need to make sure that you pay the fees for it. You need to submit the review application online via the official link.

Apart from these, the university, too, provides options for the students to improve their marks via improvement exams. For that, they need to fill out and apply before the deadline for it, and for that, they need to pay a fee too. 

Courses offered at JNTUK

The next thing that many students, as well as parents, wonder about JNTUK is the courses. The university offers a vast range of courses for students. These courses start from undergraduate and post-graduate programs, and they are B. Tech, MCA, MBA, Pharmacy, and P.HD

In B.Tech. courses, you can get a seat in any of these streams. The streams that the university offers to thousands of students are Electrical and Electronics, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, and other branches too.  

Not only these things, the university too offers you the M.Tech, MBA as well as MCA courses in various courses. So, you can choose among many branches and can take admission to that stream in the right way. 

About JNTU Kakinada

Earlier, JNTUK was known as “The College of Engineering” which was located in Visakhapatnam. The college was established in the year 1946. The college is very greenery, and you can find a lot of trees being planted inside the campus as well. Currently, JNTUK is in Kakinada, which is on the east coast of India.

The College of Engineering becomes JNTUK from the year 1972 after an act was passed in the legislature. The college is now under the Director of Technical Education, Government of AP. 

If you have ever been to this college, then you can see that the college has got some strict rules and guidelines for the students and other staff too. The rules of the college keep on changing from time to time. In this college, the Principal is administrative as well as head of academics. He is assisted by a Vice-principal and other administrative staff in these matters. 

About the Academic Activities 

The JNTUK educational activities are under the College Academic Council. It is the highest body for controlling educational activities. In this council, one academician of high reputation is present as well as an industrialist too there. With these two people, other senior professors are there in the college. All the work that the Academic council carries out in the college is overseen by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. 

Infrastructure of college

JNTUK now has five engineering colleges under its wings. All the buildings of the college are made with the RCC roof. Moreover, the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering students with electrical, electronics, and computer science department have got new buildings. Not only these, the college, too, ensures that unique teaching and non-teaching staff get a place for their accommodation here. Currently, the college accommodates 400 boys and 300 girls

If you look at the Research and Development activity in these colleges now got a boost for the facilities. The wing has obtained all the permission to go for the modern and advanced equipment. These will be procured under MHRD and AICTE. 

JNTUK PG Courses

In the year 1971, the college started the post-graduation course for the students. The main aim of these courses is that it meets all the demands and other things of the students.

Now you can see that a new undergraduate program, too got introduced in college for Computer Science and Engineering. Along with the undergraduate, post-graduate courses also are added to it. 

With all these things, now the college has got five Undergraduate programs for students. Not only that, you will find nine postgraduate courses for the students. 

Additional things that the college plans to provide

When you look at the plan of the college, then the college is now thinking of giving an e-class room facility to all engineering departments.

It is seen that the college offers a method in which the evaluation of internal assessment, as well as the external mode, is being discussed. Most of the faculty on rolls in which all are having PhDs and other research schemes along with available resources from other funding agencies too. 

All the members of the faculty have got several research papers as well as research reports and textbooks for it too. Other than these things, they also have gained experience in workshops, symposia as well as conferences too. 

JNTUK Library

The college has also got a big library, and it is located in a separate building too. In the library, it has got nearly 54,000 volumes of books as well as 12 other journals for qualified librarians.

They also got a whole number of supporting staff for 12 hrs who all are working for six days a week. On Sundays, they only stay from 9 AM to 1 PM. Soon the library work is going for automation. 

With those things in store, you can see that they too have got a book bank for the students. In this book bank, you can get nearly 3000 volumes of books that a student can borrow for studying. The Social Welfare Department provides all the books that are here. 

Community Services by College

The JNTUK does not only serve the students nor try to make their life bright only. It provides full assistance when it comes to the community. You can find that the college has made as well as taken care of roads near the colleges. In that way, it makes the streets safe for students as well as for nearby community people too. 

The college believes in community development, and it is done by helping the local authorities in endowments, and municipalities, designing drainage systems, traffic, and pollution too. Not only that, in the civil engineering department, the accommodation for it cost nearly 68 lakhs. Half of the cost is said to be earned via consultancy. 

But if you look at the projects, then you can see that a few projects are coming now for the private sectors around Kakinada.

The clients who are all involved in these projects are said to be Kakinada Port Project, ONGC, Sri Shakti Gas Limited, and Asian Development Bank Aided Projects.

Not only for Civil engineers, the mechanical branch, too, offers consultancy works for the testing of pressure gauges, lubricating oils, and other things. Electrical engineering also helps in the calibration of meters, voltage testing, and other heavy current things.

The right college to get into and start doing research and studying here

JNTUK – Best College for Engineering & Pharmacy

If you are wondering about going to college, then going for JNTUK is best for you all. The college has got an excellent record of placement. Each year nearly all the students get jobs from here and lead a good life in the future too.

The college has got National Cadet Corps students as well as National Social Service units. There are several clubs for technical students and also student wings for the bodies like IEEE and CSI. All the laboratories in the college have got modern machines and other equipment for the students. The old and worn-out machines are replaced under the scheme of Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence or MODROBS by AICTE.

Not only are these things there in college. But the college has got to World Bank Aid, and it is done by a program which is for the Technical Education Quality Programme.

For these, it will get nearly Rs 12 crores, and not only that, the university, too, has got accreditation from The National Board of Assessment and Accreditation Council or NAAC. All these are done under the University Grants Commission with an “A” Grade.

Amenities at the College

The next thing that will attract the eyes of many people is the amenities center of the college. It is functioning successfully and has got a campus with a lot of facilities on it.

You can get an

  • STD booth
  • Internet Centre
  • Photocopy Centre
  • Bookstore and
  • Fancy things

Other than these things, it too got medical facilities, postal facilities, and other things.

JNTUK Alumni

Not only these things have each department here had there owned the computer center as well. You will get a 24 hours internet facility here too for staff and students. The college also has got an alumni association for the students too. In this unit, there are many students who are all there from all over the country, and even some of the passed-out students are abroad also.

Some of these alumni, too, provide monetary support or try to contribute to college infrastructure as well. They, too, go for the awards to the most outstanding student in the academic. Other awards for the best teacher, the best student from each branch, and many other things all are being done by alumni. 

The Auditorium at JNTU Kakinada

The college has got a big auditorium, and it is spread across an area of about 500 square meters. It is an open-air theatre, and here all kinds of events, functions, and other cultural activities are arranged. It can accommodate nearly 500 students.

Not only that, but for study tours or even industry visits, a 60-seat bus is there. It can ferry them to and fro from industrial visits.

So, if you are in the mood to get into this college, then you can see how good the college is for you all. And how well the university grooms the students to reach their life goals at the end of their career.

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