10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers: Every aspiring job seeker at some point in their life has to go through the so-called horrors of an interview. Even the idea of going through an interview often gives panic seizures to many.

But to be specific, interviews aren’t designed by Lucifer. Getting a brief idea of its core structure and objectives one can get a boost of confidence while going to give an interview.

The hiring department of any company is responsible for selecting only the best employees, and that selection of the “best” depends on the spotting ability to respond by the candidates.

It should be the objective of the candidate to prove him or her worthy to be hired amongst the others. This includes aspiring candidates to know the fundamental questions that are often asked in interviews and figuring out beforehand, in which way he/she will respond to those fundamental questions.

However, it must not be confused with memorizing answers, as it will bring more confusion and uneasiness while trying to remember answers on the spot of the ongoing interview.

Taking things easy, relaxing, and not panicking before the interview are universally acknowledged facts one must put into practice for optimum results.

10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Job Interview Questions and Answers: This article is based on a carefully culminated set of those fundamental questions and the “how to’s” of their answers.

1. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

The underlying motive behind the hiring team to ask this question to you is to figure out that whether you are suitable for the concerned job or not, relating the candidate’s highest strength with the nitty-gritty of the companies requirement.

This makes it clear that you must take time to figure out your advantage that will be beneficial to the company concerned. This will also prove you more suitable than someone else thereby increasing your chances of being hired.   

2. What Your Greatest Weakness?

What is your greatest weakness” is another commonly asked question during interviews. This question is also designed to strain your suitability in the job offered by figuring out your weakness versus the companies concern.

In this case, you have just to play the same game with which you are being played. You have to figure out those weaknesses and explain them in a way as if it is of concern to you, but ultimately it should be something which a company would like to have in their employees.

Universally acknowledged traits like that of perfectionism, regularity, and concentration must be tactfully showcased to the company personals which will leave a positive sense for you on their side.

Exemplifying- you can say “I am too much of a perfectionist. I devote my most concentration to the projects I am in until it is complete, forgetting my other duties”. You can go on and say, “However I have learned lately to juggle many tasks together, making me a great multi-tasked with enough concentration.”

You can also share other instances where you have learned something, but that must be of some help to the company you are being interviewed for. Thus figuring out the needs and demands of the job should give you more insight.

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3. Tell About Yourself

Answering this question honestly needs you to have some sweet time with yourself. Figure out things you like and don’t your hobbies and duties, and blah blah about yourself.

You don’t have to bare yourself up in front of the interviewers also you cannot be too miser in letting them figure out yourself. Achieving the perfect balance is what you must master!

Start with your petty personal information like hobbies and interests that don’t relate you directly with the professional requirements.

Slowly move into your educational qualifications and courses you are in or have been in and where you grew up and things that are motivations to you.

However, when dealing with your personal information, be careful not to be politically unaware and that you don’t end up hurting the religious and own sentiments of the hiring team.

Because religion, interest, faith, and politics are highly subjective matters, digging in them too much on your basis can end up hurting sentiments. What is just for you may not be the same for others. Thus the best way is to avoid supposedly contentious matters.

Also be careful not to babble too much personal stuff like friends and family, which may put the hirers into a dilemma whether you will do the job properly or not!

4. Why Should They Hire You?

If you have successfully been able to answer the above questions asked then scare not, you will tackle this too! Here in this issue, you have to showcase yourself as an epitome of perfect harmony between modesty and conceited.

Being too modest will bring you down, and being too proud will also not pull you up!

Be prepared to deliver sharp, focused, confident, and compelling answers then and there.

5. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

You cannot overprice yourself. Your salary expectations must be modest and on par. Overpricing oneself can knock you out of the competition.

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6. Why Are You Leaving or Have Left Your Job?

Here also in this question, you are going to show the future concerned self you yours. Try not to leave a negative impact by telling why your previous job was exhausting, and you fled from the circumstances.

Instead, a focused answer on your future stability and a new opportunity will make more impact.

7. Why Do You Want This Job?

Your answer to this question will be a direct reflection of you working in the company you are interviewing for! Make efforts to make them believe you are the best fit for their business.

Research on the company’s products and the mission will prepare you for the test!

8. How Do You Handle Stress And Pressure?

Here your previous job experience is going to bear fruit. Had you been in a job earlier, you have had undoubtedly faced a not-so-smooth situation. Just orate that incident rhetorically!

9. Describe A Challenging Work Situation/Project And How You Overcame It

This question is also much of a biography where you have previously handled a stressful situation. You must focus on the company’s nitty-gritty to increase your chances of being hired.

10. What Are Your Goals For The Future?

Last but not the least, with your answer to this question, the hiring team will make sure that you don’t end up leaving then the moment you get a better opportunity. Sticking to the companies interests is perhaps the best way!

All the Best for your Interview!

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