e-Grantz Scholarship Portal – Kerala’s Centralized Disburse System

e-Grantz Scholarship Portal: e-Grantz is the dedicated scholarship portal in Kerala to disburse scholarships to the students of Kerala state.

Under the instructions, guidance, and norms of the Centre, a financial matching grant is provided to the Kerala Government, and from this allotted fund, several educational scholarships are disbursed to the students who belong to different categories likely SC, ST, and OBC community and who are domicile of Kerala State.

e-Grantz Scholarship Portal – Kerala’s Centralized Disburse System

System Integration – ease of governance: The entire process of scholarship disbursement is entertained online over a well-secured e-portal called e-Grantz.

The system is a perfect integration of different platforms/ departments like education, welfare departments, students/institutions database, fund disbursement banks.

e-Grantz Scholarship Application Process:

Students have to enter the e-Grantz to fill the details in the application that are required for scholarship and all of it through a separate login module.

The student details can be inputted in a very simple manner and much prior knowledge on computers will not be in need.

Besides, personal information of the students, it is mandatory to submit the Aadhar Card number, and Bank’s saving Account number.

Till the end of the education, either for a pre-matric scholarship or post-matric scholarship the stated amount gets deposited through Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) into Students saving account.

Transparency – Important Feature of Portal

The application details so entered are fully safe and secured and the stored data of students’ are shared with other departments that are essential for the finalization and disbursement of the scholarship from the allotted fund. The entire portal system is made totally transparent, and an additional option is inserted for the students, i.e., tracking mode, that allows the applicants to know the status of the inputted application from start to finish.

Online Guidance to Students:

Students need not panic as to how to fill in the application online, as clear instructions are given in the portal, and on step by step execution of the stated instructions, it becomes easy to submit the application forms. In case one gets stuck while doing up the application there are contact numbers that provide answers to the students’ queries. The YouTube channel provides recorded procedures that act as guidance in filling the application as well as how to track the application status over the online e–Grantz portal.

Scholarship Based on Merit & Reservation Quota

E-Grantz manages the sanction of educational assistance of designated Scholarships/Schemes for Pre-matric, and Post Matric students. Those students do belong to SC, ST, and OBC community and other minority communities. The government will make a selection of the students based on merit and the reservation quota.

Check-List – Before Scholarship Enrolment

The selected student for the post–matric scholarship should belong to an institution that has sought approval from University or Board.

Family Annual Income – Measure for Scholarship Entitlement

For reservation quota, the annual family income is taken into consideration, and students who do fall under the category of SC, and OEC’s annual income is not taken into account. For students of the OBC category, the annual income limit should not exceed 1 lakh. The above-said conditions apply for Post Matric Scholarship in which +2 courses, under graduation course, PG and Professional courses.

Rewards – Distance Defines Scholarship Amount

Rewards are granted by the students’ respective departments to whichever category they may belong to, and the stipend disbursement is dependent on the distance between College and the student’s home.

For distance below 8 km then the stipend shall be INR 630 and a distance above 8 km the stipend shall be INR 750 and it holds true for students who belong to SC and OEC category

For students who do pursue professional courses do receive a stipend of INR 1500.

Considering the above-said conditions, students who belong to the OBC category for the +2 courses do receive INR 160 and for PG or Professional courses, and OBC category student gets INR 250 and for polytechnic courses, one shall get INR 150 for a hosteller and INR 100 for day scholars.

Important Note:

Students shall be eligible for the scholarship provided they are able to maintain an attendance of over and above 75 percent every month of the School/University Calendar.

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