Delhi Ladli Scheme 2021 (A Scheme for Girl Children in Delhi)

Delhi Ladli Scheme 2021: Various governments in India who came to power have taken initiatives that empowered girl children from time to time. With the decrease in the sex ratio of females, it has become the most worrisome issue for Central & State governments, and moreover, it has been recorded in 2018, that there a sharp decline in the fertility rate in India.

As per the Sample Registration System (SRS) statistical report (2018) the total rate of fertility is 2.2 and it is the number of children a woman does have in her lifetime.

Normally, in the sex ratio at birth between males and females, males are more than females. It has been observed that in 2011, 950 females to 1000 males. Further in 2018, a declination in the ratio is seen, 899 females to 1000 males. The UNFPA State of World Population in 2020 has estimated that the ratio at birth is 910 in India which is lower than in China.

In several states of India, the girl child is considered a liability to parents and the family members do look at the birth of the girl child as a burden in their upbringing.

Delhi Ladli Scheme 2021 (A Scheme for Girl Children in Delhi)

Delhi government has come up with a novel scheme, Delhi Ladli Yojana, to encourage girl childbirth rates and empower them with fixed objectives. Providing financial assistance to a girl child, the scheme will empower her socially and economically.

Female feticide is reducing the sex ratio of females and males and gender discrimination is the root cause of it. Hence, financial help can improve the birth registration and while they are in education, the scheme will promote education and it will not only reduce school dropouts but also find improvisation in higher education.

Ladli Yojana Rewards:

The financial assistance for the eligible girls is released in different stages

  • For institutional delivery, it is Rs. 11000/-
  • For delivery at home, it is Rs. 10000/- under the condition that the girl is born in the last year.
  • The admission of the girl can be made in any of the five stages, namely Class1, Class VI, Class IX, Class X, and Class XII, and from the class of¬†admission Rs. 5000/- is deposited and at the end of the lock-in period, the maturity amount is released for the girl child.

The amount does vary and is dependent on the stage at which girl is getting registered in the scheme.

The Director of Education, MCD, and NDMC implements the Ladli scheme and it is funded by The State Bank Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (SBIL).

Eligibility Criteria

In the process of enrollment of the girl for Ladli Yojana, there are certain eligibility criteria for Girl and Parent as well.

  • The girl should be born in Delhi and birth certificate registered at Registrar (Births & Deaths), MCD/NDMC.
  • Likewise, the parent should be a bonafide resident of the National Capital Territory of Delhi for not less than three complete years preceding the date of birth of the girl child.¬†

How does the Ladli Scheme Operate?

  1. Submit the prescribed filled-in application at the concerned district office after obtaining them from District Women and Child Development Officer, WCD, Govt. of Delhi/ Govt. recognized schools.
  2. As per the described scheme, the sanctioned amount is deposited with SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (SBIL) and State Bank of India in accordance with the marked milestones, and they are Class 1, Class VI, Class IX, Class X, and Class XII.
  3. The accumulated fund is retained by the SBI LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD, as a fixed deposit until the girl completes her 18 years and should have passed X class/XII class as a regular student.

Maturity Claim Procedure

  1. Girls can file maturity claims provided they should have passed the tenth class and completed 18 years of age or should have passed the 12th Standard.
  2. Beneficiary girls should open a Zero Balance Saving Account and submit the acknowledge letter that is obtained from State Bank Insurance Limited, SBIL.
  3. Money gets transferred to the Unique ID number of the beneficiary child.

Important Note: Scheme Conditions

  1. The applicant of the girl child should have an annual income of not more than Rs.1 Lakh.
  2. The benefit is extended to two surviving girls per family and in the case of school-going girls, they should be pursuing schooling at institutions that are recognized by Delhi Govt., or MCD, or NDMC.
  3. The scheme enrolment should be done within one year from the date of birth of the girl at Development Officer, WCD, and Govt. Of Delhi and for school-going girls that application should be submitted with 90 days of admission of the girl.

For More Enquires:

  1. SBIL Toll-Free Number:- 1800229090
  2. Delhi Ladli Scheme 2008:- Contact Number 011-23381892.

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