IAS Preparation Tips for Beginners/ Tips to Crack UPSC Civil Services Exam in 1st Attempt

IAS Preparation Tips for Beginners: Civil Services Examination is the prestigious exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Board.

Every year around 500 thousand people substantiate their knowledge in this exam.

Most people believe that it is intolerable to crack the Civils Exam in their first attempt. By preparing a proper plan before the exam will definitely take you to success.

This article is for those who want to Crack the Prestigious IAS Exam in First Attempt.

Follow these simple steps to Crack UPSC Civils Exam in the first attempt:

1. Time Management:

  • Develop a daily routine and plan your day properly
  • Don’t try to throw everything into your brain
  • Take a short break for every 45 minutes

2. Do Smart Work:

  • Do not refer a bunch of textbooks for a single subject, instead read selective textbooks and get a thorough knowledge on each topic
  • Start your preparation before 8-10 months to your prelims exam
  • Do not cover huge topics in a day, take a short break, mini-meals or fruits in between the preparation

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3. Read News Papers:

  • Make a habit of reading daily newspapers and stay up to date on current affairs
  • Preferable paper is “The Hindu” and the Magazine “Civil Services Chronicle” etc.,

4. Selection of Text Books for UPSC Civils:

  • Reading right books is always a great job than referring a bunch of books
  • NCERT Books are very worthwhile than any other books in the market

5. Optional Subject Selection for UPSC Civils:

  • Selection of optional subject makes you score more
  • Choose the optional subject in which you are familiar with

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6. Make small notes:

  • While reading make a note of important bullet points and topics that are gritty to remember
  • This will succor you at the time of the revision

7. Solve Previous Papers:

  • Take mock tests regularly, this will help you in managing the time
  • Solve previous papers and other model papers. Learn from the mistakes while you are solving papers and try to resolve

8. Meet Co-Aspirants:

  • It is always expedient to share your ideas and knowledge with co-aspirants instead of sitting in a room for the whole day.
  • It is also prudent to meet successful aspirants in your circle
  • Attend seminars and mock interviews conducted by legends in your premises

9. Be Positive:

  • Always be positive while preparing for the exam, it will enhance your energy
  • Do not discourage yourself by comparing with other aspirants
  • Enjoy your preparation with fun

10. Take care of your Health:

  • All the above preparation tips and IAS job is to serve the people in the rest of life so don’t neglect your health
  • Keep an eye on your health too, take mini-meals and fruits in between your preparation
  • Try to do yoga and meditation every day to keep your mind fresh

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