Top 10 Tips to Crack Civil Services Mains Examination 2018 in 60 Days

Top 10 Tips to Crack Civil Services Mains Exam 2018 in 60 Days:

The Union Public Service Commission has released the mains examination schedule for the year 2018. The exam is about to conduct in the month of October 2018. So it is the challenge for the aspirants to clear Mains. Since mains exam is the deciding factor for the final round i.e., interview. It’s time for the aspirants to get clasp on the syllabus you have studied.

Here we have come up with the best tips for the aspirants who are about to write the mains exam.

Below are the top tips that will help you clear mains exam:

1. Do not panic:

Since you have already cleared the prelims. You wouldn’t be able to perform well if you are panic. So believe in yourself, gain confidence, do not panic for the questions that you don’t know.

2. Dream your future:

Always imagine your successful future lying ahead, which gives you confidence and increases the ability to clear the mains exam. Believe that you can achieve anything.

3. Motivate Yourself:

Always try to encourage and motivate yourself and learn from the mistakes that you have done in the past. Never distress with the mistakes. Always be in the positive zone.

4. Don’t try to revise the entire syllabus:

Planning your day makes you finish out the syllabus easily. Make notes on important topics, diagrams, important dates, etc., which makes you revise the syllabus in a certain period.

5. Take mini meals and glass of water frequently:

It’s very important to feed yourself with light food for every 1 hour and don’t forget to keep you hydrated. Consume chocolates which help you remember things in a better way.

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6. Don’t Read New Topics:

Do not read new topics before the exam, which makes you confused.

7. Sufficient Sleep:

Insufficient sleep may lead to sleep deprivation, so sleep at least 6-8 hours a day.

8. Don’t plan for last minute changes:

Plan the pattern that you are going to execute in the written examination. Do not change the writing style or pattern that you have already planned which makes you confuse and lead to improper execution.

9. Write on Paper Every Day:

Spend at least 30 minutes in writing the topics on paper, which improves the writing skills and helps you perform well in the exam.

10. Prepare the exam needs:

Before leaving to exam check your admit card, writing tools, and other exam needs. Make sure that you know the exam center a day before to avoid last minute delays.

Keep Rocking… All the Best for the Final Interview…

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